Friday, May 2, 2008

Ten Thoughts Tuesday - June 12, 2007

1. If you don't mind waiting several months for the book you want, is the COOLEST site!!!!! I've gotten so many great books from them.
2. The kids and I took a tour of the Mother Baby unit (aka Labor and Delivery!) at the hospital I'll be delivering at. It's really nice. I still wish a birth center were an option, but alas, there are none to be found around here. We did see two super cute newborns in the nursery. I don't know how their moms could let them out of their sight...
3. I took an afternoon nap today when Elijah did. I think I feel MORE tired than before I laid down.
4. We went to story time at the library this morning. Hannah is doing the summer reading program (well, I read to her), and she's more than half-way done so she got a coupon for an ice cream cone.
5. Baby 'Lockie' is due to arrive in just over a month, but I'm hoping he/she arrives a little sooner than that! Baby dropped a few inches a couple of nights ago, so there is light at the end of the tunnel :)
6. I picked out 6 CDs to put in our new van's CD player (never had one of those before!!), and I realized that I was OLD... The newest CD I picked out was over 10 years old, and I'm not sure that I've even purchased a CD since 1996.
7. My boy has the STINKIEST feet :( I washed his shoes last night, and I think they actually smell worse today. I may have to invest in some stinky foot spray for his shoes. Who knew a 2 year old (almost) could have such foot odor?
8. Books! My kids are obsessed with being read to :) However, it is extremely tiring for me to read for more than a few minutes since my breathing is hindered by this baby in my belly. I'm almost done reading Little House on the Prairie to Hannah. We typically get through 1-2 chapters per night, though she'd like it if I read a LOT more. She really liked Little House in the Big Woods too. Next on the list is Farmer Boy, and I wonder if she'll like it as much since it's about a boy and not two little girls.
9. I've been folding Hannah oragami pieces recently. I had to get a book from the library since my knowledge is quite limited! She really likes them, and I know that she'll enjoy folding them herself when she's a little older.
10. Our tomato plants have tiny, green tomatoes on them!!!