Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hannah's 8th Birthday Party


Hannah's birthday isn't for 2 weeks, but we had her party today. She chose to paint ceramics at Fired Up with a few of her friends. It was a nice, quite, non-stressful party (yay!), and I think it was enjoyed by all.

Hannah requested a chocolate cake with pink 7 minute frosting, and she decorated it herself.




Hannah got sillied out of the silly picture...


The kids had been wanting a kitty, but Pete didn't... Then I went to PetSmart to buy gerbil food, and I stopped and looked at the cats. I fell in love with one, but his tag said, "Almost Home", meaning his adoption was pending. I picked up the girls at half day (Hannah was deemed 'sick', but she was feeling better after I picked her up), and I decided to let them see this cute kitty. BUT he no longer had the "Almost Home" tag. The girls fell in love with him! When Pete got home they convinced him to come look at the kitty too. He finally gave the OK and we brought little Trent (he was pre-named) home on Sept 30th. We planned on re-naming him, but 'Trent' just stuck.

My poor neglected blog!!!

I've been meaning to post. We did LOTS of fun things this summer... I've just not been blogging. I hope to do better!