Friday, May 2, 2008

34.5 week appointment - June 07, 2007

I had another appointment today. I gained a couple of pounds, blood pressure was okay (not fantastic), urine was fine, my belly measured 35 weeks, and the baby is dropping. I had my Group B Strep test today, and I sincerely hope it comes back negative. The screening they did at 12 weeks came back positive, though I was negative with my other pregnancies. I really don't want to have IV antibiotics during labor since I REALLY don't want an IV. I hate being tethered to that stupid IV pole. My doc said that he usually does a cervical check at this time to make sure the baby is head down. I refused that, and told him baby was head down. He quickly felt low on my belly and agreed. Now, isn't that easier than an internal exam??
I go back in two weeks. I thought my doc was going on vacation from June 20-July 3, but it's only June 27 - July 3. Poor guy only gets a week!! He's on call the evening of July 4th, so I can have a baby after that :)
We go to a family practice doctor so he sees all of us, and today he saw three of us. Pete's ears were impacted, and needed to be cleaned out. Hannah had what I suspected was a urinary tract infection, so I had to get her to pee in a sterile cup (she did great!!). She DOES have a UTI, so she's taking antibiotics now. Thankfully, Elijah didn't need anything!