Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hannah's New Doll - November 01, 2007

Hannah got a ton of cash for her birthday. We said 'no gifts' on her party invitations, but 2 girls gave her money. My mom sent her some money, and she had some allowance saved up. She bought a $60 doll!!! It's a Little Mommy Real Loving Baby , and she is pretty amazing. She recognizes her name, her bear, blanket, and bottle. You can tickle her and play 'peek a boo'.
Pete and I spent the better part of 5 years keeping Hannah away from commercials. Just recently, she started watching Max and Ruby which annoyingly has commercials between the episodes (unlike Dora or Blue's Clues where they are at the beginning or end and easy to skip with the DVR). I typically fast forward through the commercials, but sometimes I'm not right there... Hannah now wants every toy from these commercials. So, that's how she knew about this doll. Though I guess longing for toys isn't that big of a deal, I remember endlessly looking at the JC Penney's Christmas catalog each year dreaming of all the cool toys I was never going to play with.