Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Leah is SIX months old!! - January 16, 2008

This month Leah cut her first two teeth, and she's working on getting some more. If you lay her on her back on the floor she can scoot across the room like a crab. She can sit up for a few seconds before toppling over. She babbles, and her favorite sounds are "dada" and "buh". I tried giving her some applesauce a few days ago, and while she was interested in it, she gagged on it. She still has a major tongue thrust, so she's obviously not quite ready for solid food just yet. She does enjoy gumming on apples and bananas when I eat them.

Here are the pictures I took today .

She has a doctors appointment tomorrow, so I'll update her stats then.

1/17/08 - back from the doctor

Leah weighs 15 lbs 12 oz (50th %tile), she's 26.5 inches (75th %tile), and her head is 42.5 cm around (50th %tile).

She's still tall, but she's getting skinny! No concerns, she's just "reaching her genetic potential" according to her doc.

Leah is almost exactly the same weight Hannah was at 6 months, which seems strange since Leah was almost 4 lbs BIGGER than Hannah was at birth. Mr. Elijah was almost 20 lbs at this age...