Friday, May 16, 2008

Spring Parent Teacher Conference - May 16, 2008

Self Direction - Hannah's love of art -- cutting and constructing things is very healthy for her fine motor skills and creativity. The time she spends doing art projects will need to be limited her kindergarten year. She will need to do a lot of math and language assignments next year. After her academic assignments are completed, then she will be free to choose other activities.

Organizational Skills - Hannah has good organizational skills.

Concentration - Her ability to concentrate on her chosen or assigned work at general work time is very good. In group situations, Hannah's focus sometimes switches to her friends from our current business at hand. A verbal reminder is usually sufficient to pull her attention back.

Self Esteem - Hannah's self-esteem is good.

Self Control - A simple reminder of what is expected is all that is needed when she forgets to be silent or attend to the activity at hand.

Social Skills - It goes without saying that you are well liked when three classmates (Aditi, Madeleine, and Daniela) argue about who gets to sit next to you. Hannah gets along well with her peers.

Community Awareness - Hannah's job assignments have been limited by her 1/2 day schedule. The job she seems to have enjoyed most would be sharing -- but even that job has to be completed in the afternoon by another student. Overall, Hannah understands how our community functions.

Hannah remains a student who is a pleasure to have in class.

Motor Skills - This is an area of strength for Hannah.

Creative Expression - This is a passion of Hannah's. Her zeal for making things is quite contagious, spreading to whomever her workmate may be.

Science and Geography -There are many interesting science and map works for Hannah yet to explore.

Sensorial Mathematics - Hannah has practiced bead stairs & numerals, patterning & numeral formation work, the teen board & the ten board with ten's only. She has not been observed choosing these works independently of my direction.

Language Literacy - I have guided Hannah through all the word building, the picture books, and she is now on the third introductory book. I am confident that she is ready to proceed to our first set of ten books which will painlessly build her reading proficiency. In sequence Hannah constructs 6 sample words, then traces and writes the same words, then has a one-on-one practice run through the book with me. She then takes the book home to practice it until it is very easy for her to read. A final reading to me is a check read through so that I can be sure that all is well. I want Hannah to start initiating her progress through the series instead of waiting until I tell her to go on to the next step. I am looking for Hannah to start taking initiative. This is very important in her progress.

I am hoping Hannah will be joining us for her kindergarten year. Becoming self-directed and moving forward in ways that will assure her balanced growth academically will be assisted by the use of a goal sheet. When she is challenged, I believe Hannah will enjoy coming up to meet that challenge with enthusiasm.


Brooke's comments: What it all boils down to is that if Hannah does not start choosing to do academic work on her own, she will not be chosen to go to the Montessori 1st grade after finishing kindergarten next year. The elementary teacher is hands down the best teacher I've ever met. We WANT her in Montessori. So, I let Hannah know what is expected of her next year. To be honest, it's not like she knew she wasn't supposed to sit at the art table all morning long. It *is* supposed to be her choice.