Monday, May 26, 2008

New Artwork

I got a great idea from my friend Renee. I've been wanting some artwork for our living room for a long time, and I'd thought about buying a huge canvas for Hannah to paint. Renee's artwork inspired me to do something a little bit different. I bought three small canvases and three colors of paint and let each kid paint a picture. They are currently drying, but when I figure out how to mount them I'll be posting a pic of the wall.

Clean baby...

PAINTY baby!!

By the way, I don't recommend this sort of painting with a 10 month old baby if you are the only adult at home!!

Here are a couple of pictures of the kids earlier in the day


Tom and Renee said...

I love the pictures -love how they are all completely different. Sorry I didn't give you a heads up about having help with this painting project. We just used nails to hang our canvas pictures. Can't wait to see how they will look on your wall!

Tara said...

I. LOVE. LEAH! You should frame that photo and put it with the canvas LOL