Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Finally Home! - January 06, 2008

Let's see, on our FORTH attempt to leave OK we finally made it, but not all the way to IN. Hannah caught a stomach on Dec 28th, Elijah and Leah both threw up one time that night as well. Pete got sick on the 29th. On Jan 1st Leah threw up all night long and continued to get sick every 12 hours or so. On Jan 4th we decided if she *only* threw up one time overnight, we'd leave at 5am Sat morning. Well at 9:30pm on Friday night Leah threw up for the second time in a few hours AND Elijah threw up. So, we decided to postpone the trip once again. Saturday morning after breakfast everyone seemed chipper so we headed out as soon as we got cleaned up. At every rest stop we felt like we'd accomplished a major hurdle. At 3:30pm we stopped in Rolla, MO for a break and a snack. I decided to share a hot fudge sundae with Hannah and Elijah... After that, Hannah told me her tummy hurt. I set her up with a gallon ziplock bag to puke in and a cloth prefold to catch any excess mess. She started throwing up about 10 miles from St Louis (3.5 hours from home!!). We decided to stop for the night, and after 45 min of driving around we finally found the hotel that was advertised on the highway. Hannah continued to throw up at least every 30 min until 2am. We hit the road around 9am and didn't stop! Leah threw up just a few minutes from home, but it was the first time since Fri night so I'm hopefull. The bummer is that now it is apparent we have been exposed to two different strains of this puking virus! Hannah has gotten them both, and thankfully I haven't gotten either (yet). When I spoke to my parents this morning, they were both sick and my brother was sick all Friday night. I am SO done with stomach viruses!!