Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Day Yesterday - March 04, 2008

It was one of those days filled with lots of little annoyances...
- I took Elijah and Leah to story time at the library in the morning. Thankfully, I realized it looked like rain, and I took the umbrella in with us. I had to wake Leah up because she'd fallen asleep in the car seat. For the first time in many weeks, Elijah was happy and not grumpy during story time (yay!). However, there was a younger-yet-larger boy who kept annoying Elijah. He took Elijah's blocks, tackled him when he was choosing a book, poked the callous on his lip, and tried to take the book about trucks I was reading to Elijah out of my hands several different times. It was pouring when we left, and getting the kids into the van in the rain (without getting soaked) is always a challenge. I tossed my keys into the front seat and the car remote fell off the key ring, so I had to search for that when I got home.
- At Hannah's gymnastics I had to wake Leah to get her out of the car seat (in the rain) again. I left the diaper bag in the van, and Elijah pooped, so I had to leave Leah with another mom and trek back in the rain. In the lobby I dropped my keys and didn't notice, but thankfully the woman in the office brought them to me. Right before it was time to leave Elijah started playing with another boy's Power Ranger phone, and there was massive screaming when it was time to give it back.
- Leah never got a decent nap, so she was GRUMPY all evening. Elijah was running around yelling, as usual. Pete was trying to finish writing a paper for a conference that was due. Hannah wanted everything her way.
- We watched the movie "Knocked Up", and I thought it was depressing.
-I've had better days! In 30 min we are supposed to be at playgroup. Maybe I'll skip it. It's still raining (and now it's cold), Leah is napping, and I wonder if Elijah will just throw a fit like he normally does when we go...