Thursday, May 15, 2008

Little Tree Hugger - April 20, 2008

I know you can't read Leah's shirt in this picture, but it says "Lil Tree Hugger". In honor of Earth Day, Walmart is selling some cute, Earth friendly shirts. I'm not really a fan of Walmart, and have been known to refer to them as "The Evil Empire" (well, I call McD's that too), BUT they are starting to carry Earth friendly products. I don't think their reasons are noble, but I do appreciate it anyway. These shirts are made from "transitional cotton" meaning the farmers are transitioning to organic cotton (it takes something like 7 years of no chemicals before the ground can be considered organic). Now, they only cost $3.50 and are made in the Philippines, so obviously they were sewn in a sweat shop... Leah is also wearing a cute cloth diaper as well, which is my tribute to Earth Day.

Here's a picture that shows how Leah "crawls", well scoots is a more descriptive term. I tried to help her by putting her on all fours, but it just made her mad...