Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Updates on the kids - February 20, 2008

I just had a bunch of thoughts that I wanted to write down. Let's see if I can get any of it written before I forget or I'm needed by one of the kids. I've got 8 whole minutes until the ziti I'm boiling is done... I'm making baked ziti for dinner (for those unfamiliar w/ ziti, it's a lot like lasagna, just with different noodles).

Leah- She's going through some MAJOR separation anxiety right now. It's a seven month old thing, but she's had it since she was six months. I can't say that I'm pleased that she's advanced in this area, lol :) Sometimes it's not too bad. She loves to sit with Hannah and play for short periods of time, and in the morning she stays pretty happy with Pete while I shower. But at night... YIKES! The other night she got so upset while I was putting the other two kids to bed that she threw up. I was just starting to think about getting a baby sitter a couple of times a month... I probably will, but it might take me a couple of months to actually get around to FINDING a baby sitter.


I didn't make my 8 min deadline... Leah woke up before the ziti was finished boiling. She's queen of the 20 minute nap! Anyway, the ziti is put together now, ready to be put in the oven in a couple of hours.

Elijah - He's been Mr. Grumpy Pants all winter. I'm sure some of it has to do with his age, being 2 1/2 must be ultra frustrating. He's also been sick quite often, and I doubt that helps his mood. He's another budding artist, which is a bit unexpected. I never thought we'd have more than one in the family. He's also extremely smart. Now Hannah is plenty smart, but Elijah is even more so. He is so ready to be in preschool, but we have to get that potty thing down first. Thankfully, once he figures it out, I don't think there will be any problem. He's highly motivated to do things by himself (unlike Hannah who was more than willing to have me dress her until after her 5th birthday). I just need to ready myself for a week of naked boy and puddles... easier said than done!!

Hannah - She's been reading and spelling short vowel words for a couple of months now. We are pretty excited about that!! We aren't working on it too much at home now that she's doing the 'word building' works at school. Occassionally she wants to do some reading here, but most of her time at home is spent doing artwork. I have no doubts that she'll be reading fairly fluently by the end of kindergarten, and that was my goal. Hannah LOVES being a big sister to Leah. It's very sweet to watch them together, and it certainly comes in handy if I need to do something where I can't hold Leah-the-velcro-baby.

I'm pretty sure there was other stuff I wanted to write, but Leah is not happy sitting in my lap while I type.