Thursday, May 15, 2008

A little more about Elijah - May 15, 2008

He is SO darn funny!

The other day Pete said, "I want to go back outside." Hannah said, "Me too!" Elijah said, "Me three!!" I had to laugh. I've never heard anyone say this around him, so I have no idea where he picked it up.

Just a few minutes later, he was trying to get Hannah's attention but she wasn't listening to him. He said, "Hannah!... Hannah DAVID!" (Elijah's middle name is David, and hears 'Elijah David!' at least once a day). I laughed again and told him that Hannah's middle name is Elizabeth.

We started having an ant problem upstairs in our bedroom, so we called the exterminator to come out and do something about it. Elijah started singing, "It's the spider man! Spider man!!" Now, he does recognize Spiderman, but doesn't really know anything about him. We laughed.

My little man can FINALLY drink out of a cup! He's a bit delayed in this area... I think maybe Hannah was advanced in her cup drinking abilities because she had no problem using a cup at 18 months. I hate to compare the two (though I do it all the time!), but this is one area where he just wasn't even close to her.

As for potty training... ugg! Today was the first day that I completely kept him out of diapers (until bedtime). He did pee in the potty a couple of times, but apparently did not empty his bladder. Each time he ended up with wet pants just a few minutes later. He went through 17 pairs of underwear today!!!!! He only has 9 pairs, so as I was doing laundry today, I just tossed in any wet undies. I may have to get out the Gerber training pants to fill in the gap while I wash tomorrow... I put old fashioned pull-on diaper covers over his undies (like plastic pants, but they are nylon now). Thankfully, they contain the mess almost all of the time. There was one puddle that got tracked around the house... I sure hope pee is good for hardwood floors!!


Britta said...

Sounds like he just isn't ready. Taiten did that the two times we tried before he was ready. It's so much easier if you just let them train themselves! Way less laundry!

He is so funny! I love all those stories, and I love that you are writing them down. My mom always tells me she is sad she never journaled about us kids.

Anonymous said...

Delaney thinks everyone's middle name is "Maryn." She'll even say Zoey Maryn (the dog) or Daddy Maryn!