Monday, May 12, 2008

Mommy School is in Full Swing - November 28, 2007

Hannah is officially sounding out words now. She read her first sentence today. It was "Tab bit Bob." We've been working on letters and sounds for a long time now, but suddenly she's really interested and obviously ready to put it all together. A little help from some new Leap Frog DVDs (thanks Sunshine!), and the PBS shows Super Why and Word World have really helped things along. Hannah is so excited to practice her reading skills, she requested that we have "Mommy School" today. So, after she got home from Montessori, we got started. First we practiced her sounds, and sounding out words. Then we painted.

Next, we colored some Hannukah pictures for the upcoming holiday.
Then, Hannah made a Hannukah colored paper chain to help decorate the house.
Elijah did some gluing 'work' where he glued beans in the shape of the letter E.