Saturday, May 10, 2008

Parent Teacher Conference - November 08, 2007

Here is Hannah's progress report:

Motor Skills - Hannah has very good fine motor skills. We are currently working on replacing some of the writing habits that she has acquired. I think she will be able to do this without any problems.

Creative Expression - Hannah loves and fully participates in all art!
Science/Geography - Hannah likes to team up with the kindergarten students and works well with them!

Sensorial Mathematics - Hannah is currently working on the bead stair numeral work. She has been practicing this work and with a little more practice she'll once again be ready for the next work!

Language Literacy - Hannah likes to listen to stories, but can on occasion be distracted by her friends. She has very good verbal communication skills. She has also started working on the first set of sounds!

Self-direction - Hannah likes to know what's what before she commits. I can tell she is already given thought to what work she will start the day with as circle time is ending and it's time to choose work.

Organizational Skills - Hannah is age appropriate with her organizational skills. She will seek help, when necessary, but otherwise is quite comfortable moving through her work. She always completes one work before starting another. She's learning to follow a logical sequencing when working on her work.

Concentration - Hannah has terrific concentration skills! She is able to follow directions, transitions well between activities and can finish a work once she starts it.

Self-Esteem - Hannah has wonderful self-esteem. She accepts responsibility for herself and displays a healthy positive attitude. She's very secure and self confident and can stand up for herself if the need arises.

Social Skills - I don't think anyone who knows Hannah is surprised that she gets along well with her peers. She's kind and sensitive to other children's needs. She works and plays well with others. Hannah is ready to stay all day. You can see she is reaching out to have more involved relationships with the other children. I think this would benefit her socially as well as academically. There's no doubt she enjoys her classroom time.