Saturday, July 25, 2009

Update's on the girls' room

I've done a LOT of work since we got home (the painting was a lot of work right before we left!!)

This one shows the windows pretty well, but all the primary colored stuff got moved to Elijah's room today... and the storage boxes were emptied.

Here's the bunk beds.

Today, I got a cute rug and pastel toy bins, but I still need to get a white dresser and a white book case... then I'll post some final pictures.

Tractors Revisited

For the second year, we went to the county fair and got to ride on our friends' antique tractors.

Shaun takes Hannah for a drive

Pete and Leah pose for a pic

Elijah tries out one while waiting his turn to really drive

And another one

Elijah rides with Shaun

Hannah poses on a pretty red tractor

Leah the ham

Elijah's was really steering, and he was NOT going straight.

Leah decided to lean back on the padded seat and take a little break

Leah loved the tractors SO much that she was willing to sit in Shaun's lap... amazing!

With Sunshine's Boys

We love going to visit Sunshine and her boys, and we got some GREAT pictures this time around.

Cowgirl Hannah

Hannah and Ezekiel


Gideon, Elijah, and Leah

Hannah and Ezekiel putting together Legos

The little boys at lunch

Sunshine and Brooke look at photo albums full of childhood pictures (yikes!!)

Dress up time!


Princess Hannah


Momma wanted some pictures of all her grandkids together. So, here they are!

Leah's 2 year old pictures

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New blog with pics coming soon!!

We just got back from 2 weeks of vacation, so the blog has been neglected... I will try to remedy that soon! Today is Leah's birthday!!!!! She is now two years old *sniff*. I have some great pictures to post...