Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Hate Winter! - January 23, 2008

Why do I hate winter? It's not the cold, though I don't really enjoy bundling my kids up and then stuffing them into their car seats whenever we want to go somewhere. It's the illness! It seems like one of them is always sick. Over Christmas, all three kids and Pete had the pukes (the kids all had it twice). Now, all four of them have a nasty hacking cough. Every night I carry Elijah into our room to sleep on the toddler bed so I can hear his breathing. It sounds really bad sometimes, and I like to have him close by. Hannah's cough is subsiding (she brought it home from school in the first place), and Elijah's seems to be past it's peak. Leah's cough is at it's worst right now... Poor baby!
You might have noticed I haven't mentioned myself being sick. Thankfully, I've stayed well! I'm crediting the 1000 mg of vitamin C I take every morning along with my multivitamin. I wish I could figure out a way to get that much vit C into my kids! I bought some liquid vit C thinking I could put it in their juice. It's pretty sour, and even I don't like it in juice. They do take a gummy vitamin every morning, but it's woefully short on necessary vitamins... I've tried getting *good* kids' vitamins, but they won't touch them.