Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Elijah's 2 1/2 Birthday - December 13, 2007

Yes, we are weird, and we celebrate the kids' half birthdays. They REALLY enjoy it, and hey, who doesn't want cake?

Elijah's cake is NOT beautiful by any means, but it was tasty. I had two unsuccessful batches of frosting before I went to the pantry and grabbed a can of Pilsbury frosting... I wanted to make chocolate 7 minute frosting, but I don't have a recipe in my cook book. So, I improvised... and now I know WHY there isn't a chocolate 7 minute frosting!! It just doesn't work :)

We sang the "Happy GipDay" Song (Elijah speak for Happy Birthday)

Talking on the phone to Grandpa

New Lightning McQueen car