Friday, May 2, 2008

28.5 weeks pregnant April 27, 2007

I had my 28 week prenatal appointment this morning. They did the blood test for gestational diabetes so I had to drink the yucky orange stuff. My previous OB had carbonated orange "soda" to drink, and it was way better than this stuff!! I was surprised I kept it in my tummy (I apparently have the same virus Eli did last week...).
I only gained 2 lbs in 4 weeks (yay!), and my blood pressure was perfect. I'm only measuring 1.5 weeks ahead instead of 3 weeks ahead, so that's nice too. My mommy friends who have lots of kids assured me that this would happen, so no reason to expect a big baby :)
I now start seeing the doc every 2 weeks! Well, since we go to a family practice doctor, we are typically in there every 2 weeks anyway (someone is always sick). But now, we will be in a minimum of every two weeks!!
Doc was impressed that I knew what position the baby was in (he had the doppler in the wrong place and wasn't finding the heartbeat). I showed him where the baby's back was, and he found the heartbeat right away! He asked how I knew, lol!! When you have a baby bottom stuck under your ribs, it's not too hard to figure out where everything else is :) And this kid is in the exact same position that Elijah was in... I don't remember for sure about Hannah, but I think she was ROA (right occiput anterior) as well. Once they get a certain size, I guess there is only room for them in one spot!
Oh, and I started referring to this baby as "he" today! Kind of strange since I think Lockie is a girl... I guess we'll all find out in July!