Friday, April 18, 2008

La Leche League September 09, 2005

I went to my first LLL meeting this morning. After taking Pete to work, I hauled the kids to WAY northwest Evansville to North Park Library for a 9:30 am meeting. I sat on the floor with five other moms while our kids ran around playing together. I really enjoyed myself and felt like I was in my element. There aren't too many places where you can find multiple moms nursing their toddlers...Hannah did not enjoy herself as much as I had hoped she would. When we first arrived, I was shocked at how quickly she ran to play with some toys on the floor (usually she clings for quite a while). But after a boy half her age took a toy from her, she wasn't so happy. There were snacks, so, of course, she insisted on eating :) After that she just wanted to get into the main part of the library, pick out her new books, and get home...The most important thing was I met some moms who I think I could be friends with I borrowed our friend Tony and his truck today so I could go pick up a crib mattress for Eli. Now, the "side-car" crib set up next to my bed has a mattress instead of just some metal springs (ouch). I also picked up a flannel crib sheet since the regular cold sheets always woke Hannah up... I put Eli to bed in the side car, we'll see if he sleeps okay there. If Hannah stays in her bed all night, and Eli stays in his... I might actually sleep comfortably!!