Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quick Updates - Entry for May 02, 2006

Eli is cross-crawling (hands and knees, tummy off the ground) a little more each day. He's also pulling up to a stand (it had just been to his knees before). Heaven help us! He's into EVERYTHING.
Yesterday, Hannah asked to move her bed out of my bedroom. WOW! Big step, since she's always slept in my room, and only recently started spending the majority of nights in her own bed. Well, in practice, it turned out to only be a baby step. She ended up needing to still fall asleep in my bed. I moved her to her own bed when I went to sleep. About two hours later she was asking to crawl in with me. It may take a while for her to stay all night in her own room, but that's okay .
We went to get the paperwork started for our mortgage... That should be a learning experience!