Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Elijah and the computer - January 29, 2007

Apparently Elijah has decided that it's now his turn to cause chaos in our house. Last year it was Hannah, so the little guy is starting a bit early.
I was upstairs searching for Gerber training pants. I *KNEW* I had three more pairs of boy trainers. I searched through four, large boxes of cloth diapers... yes, I have too many! I couldn't find them. I looked in Eli's clothes drawers, nope. After 20 minutes, I thought maybe they were in the bathroom closet with some extra potties (too many of those too!!). They were there, thank goodness because I was losing my mind.
Hannah yells from downstairs, "Come see what Eli did to the computer". Great... I didn't hear a thud, but this child is known to do pull up the craziest windows. He had turned the picture on the monitor sideways!! Now, why is that even an option?? I can't fathom a time when that would come in handy. I called Pete. He did an internet search and found the solution within a few seconds. Ctrl-Alt-up arrow fixes it (if you want to see what my boy child did, just push Ctrl-Alt-left arrow).