Thursday, April 24, 2008

Moving in - July 07, 2006

We are about 95% moved into our house, but that last 5% is going to be a BEAR!! The kids woke up at 6:30 this morning wanting breakfast. I'd planned on making Hannah oatmeal since we haven't brought over any refridgerated items... Then I remembered that we didn't have any sugar here. So, I packed the kids in the car (after I put the car seats back in that had been removed to move boxes last night!) and drove to the apartment for sugar. While I was there I packed up a few other things for breakfast like the toaster, bread, bagels, butter, milk, SUGAR, and eggs. I told Pete that we have GOT to get the rest of the kitchen over here today. Oh, and all my cleaning supplies are at the apartment as well since they were all hidden from the kids in the downstairs 1/2 bathroom. This house has been vacant for so long that the toilets are moldy even though they were clean at one point... That's too disgusting even for me to deal with!!
The familiy room (TV room) is all set up, and the computer is set up (no cable, cable modem, or cable phone until Wednesday). I guess I know where our priorities lie! Oh, and the master bedroom is mostly set up, so we had a place to sleep...
When I find the camera I'll take pictures of the office. I painted it BRIGHT Carribbean green, as per Pete's request.