Friday, April 25, 2008

Big Baby - October 06, 2006

Hannah hasn't worn footed pajamas since she was 12 months old or so. Her skin was too sensitive for anything but 100% cotton, and most cotton pj's don't have feet. It gets so darn cold at night (we are trying to not use heat until it's really necessary), that I gave in and bought the kids fleece footed pajamas. Hannah looks like a GIANT baby in them, and she thinks it's the greatest thing. I know I wore footed jammies when I was older than she is, but 5t fleece sleepers just look HUGE. Anyhoo, she's excited to wear them, so I hope her skin continues to like them!
Mr. I-Hate-Blankets (aka Elijah) also got a pair, and he's so fuzzy warm all night