Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Dare Devil - March 21, 2007

To truly understand my shock, you first have to know just how cautious Hannah is. She is perhaps the most cautious child I have ever known. She simply did not climb on playground equipment without help until she was 4 years old.
However, my son (21 months), is of a different nature. Today, he ran over to our swing set (the cool wooden kind with a fort), climbed the skinny, slippery, metal rungs of the ladder to the fort, and slid down the slide (feet first, on his belly). I was so convinced that he wouldn't be able to get further than the first rung of the slide that I didn't even bother to get out of my chair which was a good 20+ feet from the swing set. He proceded to repeat his climbing and sliding feat several more times. I decided I should run and get the video camera... however, he wouldn't do it after that. I tried to get him to show Pete later on, but he refused.
Now he's trying to climb everything in the house...