Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shoes - April 04, 2007

Hannah's school is having a play on April 20th. The school proclaims this is "a big deal", so I suppose it is. Hannah is a damsel, and the school is providing the costume (no complaints there!). We were asked to provide "fancy dress shoes". Hannah and I went to Target and picked out some sparkly pink shoes. She ADORES them :) Today, they had professional pictures taken in their costumes, and the school sent home numerous reminders to PLEASE BRING THE FANCY DRESS SHOES. When I picked Hannah up, she told me that she had to take off her shoes for the picture because they had ballet slippers for them to wear. Ummmm.... WHAT?? The shoes were inexpensive ($6.99), and Hannah needed something dressy anyway, so that's not a problem. I just don't understand what the big fuss was about the shoes if they didn't need them...
I love Hannah's school, but it's the stuff like this that DRIVES ME CRAZY!!