Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Coloring - April 15, 2007

Here's a pic of the kids coloring. They are getting so good at entertaining themselves! I'm loving it :) I wonder how good they'll be at entertaining the baby when s/he arrives... Hannah has decided that she can take care of this baby all by herself :) We'll see about that! I will have to make sure to teach her to change wet diapers.
Last night Hannah put all the alphabet magnets in order w/ very little help. I was impressed!! Then I helped her match the lowercase letters to the uppercase, and she was SO proud :) She knows most of the letter sounds as well. The last time we went over them she was unsure of G, W, and Y. We started working on sounding out words, but she's not quite ready for that. She won't start kindergarten until fall 2008 due to her October birthday, so I suspect she'll be reading books by then :)
Now we need to work on some number recognition... I have a feeling math will not be her strong point, but maybe she'll surprise me.
When Elijah sees letters or numbers he starts saying "E...O...T...". It's pretty funny.