Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny - March 31, 2007

A church down the street had "Breakfast with the Easter Bunny" today. Hannah said she would like to go, so we did. WOW! There were a ton of kids!! I guess more people show up for the Easter Bunny than for a regular service.
Hannah picked out a Go-gurt, a mini chocolate donut, and a mini cinnamon roll for breakfast. She slowly warmed up to the crowd while she ate. Soon after, the Easter Bunny arrived, and Hannah definitely wanted to meet him. She was a bit unsure about sitting in his lap, but did a fine job. She didn't quite smile for the picture though. One tiny girl was crying when her mom pried her off the bunny's lap! I can't say that I've ever seen that before!!
Then it was time for the egg hunt. Thankfully, Hannah was with the younger group (2-4 year olds) because she is a bit passive about these kinds of things. She did manage to find about 10 eggs, but it looked like everyone else found about twice that many. There was more than enough candy, and even she was happy with the amount she brought home.