Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baby Clothes - April 11, 2007

I am simply DYING to go buy baby clothes!! However, Target now has a 90 day return policy even with a receipt. Since I don't know whether Baby Lockie is a boy or a girl, I will be buying a little of both in the tiniest size. So, I have to wait another week, at least, so I can return the clothes we don't need.
I do need fewer boy clothes than girl clothes, thanks to Elijah. I sold almost all of Hannah's clothes on Ebay before Eli was born. I did save some of the gender neutral stuff, and a few things that I really liked. I may placate myself and buy the girl going-home outfit I've been drooling over. Since I'll have to wash it before we know the gender, I won't be able to return it anyway. I have a boy going-home outfit that Eli was supposed to wear, but didn't....
Also, we've finally decided on names. Sorry, it's a secret until the baby arrives! However, I will give you the rules we followed. The first names are from the Old Testament and end in "ah", just like Hannah and Elijah. The middle names are also from the Old Testament (and happen to be 3 syllables long). If it's a boy (unsure about a girl yet), there will be a second middle name as well.