Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We're Back! - Entry for May 22, 2006

It was quite a trip!!
We left on Saturday, May 13th. First we flew to Chicago and then to NY. Traffic on the way to the Millet's house was unbelievably bad!! That first evening we did make it to the beach for a few minutes, but it was FREEZING and windy.
Sunday was Mother's Day, and we took the four kids to the Long Island Children's Museum. It was pretty cool, and the kids had a fantastic time!
Monday we went to the Sensory Spa for an art class, but it was cancelled. Hannah, Angie, and Elijah had the play area to themselves for a long time. They had a blast.
Tuesday I got a $50 haircut... it's a great haircut! Then we went to the NY Aquarium. One of the walruses talked to Hannah for quite a while. We fed some seagulls which was probably a mistake, but a lot of fun.
Wednesday was the only day it didn't rain, so we went to a nice park in Lido Beach.
Thursday was Barb's birthday. We went back to the Sensory Spa for art class, and we went to the beach to collect shells.
Friday we stayed inside all day. The girls painted their shells, drew pictures, and other fun stuff.
Saturday we flew home, and boy were we TIRED!!!
Pete came back from 10 days in Great Britain on Sunday.