Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cameras - January 28, 2007

There will be no pics for January!
Our new camcorder that we've been using as a camera is in NJ being repaired. Our old Fuji is having memory card problems along with rechargeable batteries that won't hold a charge (I keep forgetting to buy new ones!!). Our Nikon is also having battery issues. So, I suppose if I could remember to get new batteries, we'd have a working camera! That's probably not going to happen this week.
On a totally unrelated note Hannah grew an inch last week. No really, she did!! She woke up complaining of leg pains (this happens periodically), and I decided to measure her. She was a full inch taller than the last mark on the wall. We'd just checked last week to see if she'd grown, and she hadn't. I suppose if I grew an inch in a week, my legs would hurt too!!