Friday, April 18, 2008

The Boy Who Sits Like a Frog September 10, 2005

I've already sent this picture out to everyone, so it won't surprise anyone that Eli's thinking about sitting up soon. He's VERY motivated, not to mention strong . I'm terribly afraid that he'll be walking (or running!) six months from now...I've been trying to decide which exersaucer to get him next month (they are recommended only for babies 4 months and up). I *really* don't want one w/ electronic sounds, because they become quite annoying after just a few minutes! I think fewer attached toys is probably better (the one we borrowed for Hannah was VERY simple, they don't make them like that anymore) because you can put regular toys on the tray and trade them out as baby gets tired of them. I saw an inexpensive Pooh themed one at Walmart, but I don't want one that is cheaply made. It looks like I need to make up my mind soon since Eli is already strong enough for one... I think the Baby Einstein one is cool, and I could just not put batteries in it... but it's almost twice as pricey as the Pooh one. Click on the "comments" and vote for the activity center you like best!