Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Closing - June 21, 2006

Today at 3:00 pm we close on our new house. Yesterday, Pete's boss said we should take a look at our bank statement since it would be the last time for a LONG time that we had more money in the bank than we had debt... great.
All of our friends are out of town, so the kids have to go with us to the closing. That ought to be interesting!!
Repairs will start tomorrow, and we have to decide what colors to paint the inside. The kitchen will definitely be a pretty, light blue (to match my dishes), Pete wants his office to be "Carribean green", but we still have to decide about the living/dining room (half of the downstairs), family room (already painted a nice green), and the bedrooms. I need to get an estimate on fencing in the yard. I also need to write out a "wish list" and prioritize things to save money for.
I'll update if anything interesting happens at closing!