Friday, April 18, 2008

Mesker Park Zoo September 08, 2005

We are now the proud owners of a year long family pass to the zoo . Evansville has a pretty nice, smaller zoo. Hannah got to see giraffes, zebra, peacocks, hippos, lions, tigers, and other animals today. Boy is it a HILLY zoo!! I'm wiped out since I had Eli in a front pack, and I pushed Hannah in the stroller. It felt like we had the whole zoo to ourselves since we got there just as it opened. In fact, we were the first people there! Weekdays during the school year (when it's not hot) are definitely the times to go to the zoo! Of course, nothing extra was open... and all of the vending machines were sold out of water. We will bring our own water next time regardless of what the ruling on outside drinks is!!