Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Updates - March 11, 2007

Today is my 33rd birthday... OMG! How did *THAT* happen.
We had a nice trip to OKC last week. It was a bit short, but certainly better than nothing. We won't be able to go this summer because Lockie is due to arrive in July. Even making that twelve hour trip at 21 weeks pregnant was less than fun. I had been instructed by my doctor to get out of the car at least every two hours to reduce the risk of blood clots. I swelled a little bit, but not too bad. However, the day after we arrived, I drove an hour to visit my friend. During that drive I had *SIX* contractions... Not really a good thing that early in pregnancy. I drank a bunch of water when I got to her house, and my uterus calmed down. I'm sure I was dehydrated from the long drive the day before. Hannah and Elijah were practically perfect on the trip. I don't think there was any screaming! They hardly even watched the DVD player... They napped a lot more than normal, snacked a lot, and played nicely. Just when they are getting to be really great travellers we're be adding a newborn...
I received my Hypnobabies course this week. It's a 5 week course, and each week there are two hypnosis scripts to listen to. You alternate which one you listen to each day. I was surprised at how relaxed I got listening the first time! It's something you get better and better at, so that was a huge confidence boost. I listened to the 2nd script for the first time last night, and I felt myself really going "under" at times. I truly have no fear of labor this time around, and that's pretty exciting!