Friday, May 2, 2008

Trip to Target - May 11, 2007

Pete has our good camera, so probably no pictures until he gets back.
Elijah and I went to Target this morning after we took Hannah to school. I got some new, slightly bigger flip flops. My other pair are super cheap ($1 Target section from last year) and the plastic was starting to stick to my ever-swelling feet. I ended up finding a pair that looks like suede that I like well enough. I got a larger pair of maternity shorts... With only 2 months to go, I didn't want to buy anything more, BUT what I have is getting to be quite uncomfortable. Elijah got some Thomas the train underwear that he's excited about :), and he got some Thomas cups as well. Baby Lockie got some yellow/green "just born" size sleepers and onesies. Hopefully, that will hold me over until this kid is born, and I know what color to buy!!! I got Hannah a tiny kit to grow some basil (love that $1 section!!). I looked for a gymnastics leotard for her, but I didn't like the one they had...
There's a reason that I don't go to Target very often!!! I always seem to buy more than I mean too :)