Friday, May 2, 2008

Sweet Boy - June 01, 2007

I think I have just about all of my nesting projects complete now! Yesterday, I got out the infant carseat so I could put it in the van. I had forgotten that Elijah was such a reflux-y baby until I looked at the carseat cover... YUCK! I took apart the carseat, washed the padding, wiped off the straps and clips, and this morning put the whole thing back together. It looks MUCH better :) It's now in the van awaiting the arrival of 'Lockie'.
This morning before I took the carseat out to the van, the kids had a good time playing with it. Elijah wanted to climb right in, but I talked him into just putting his bunny in the seat. He was very sweet with his baby :) Hannah brought down a baby doll, a blanket, and 5 stuffed animals to put in the carseat... She carried the whole thing around the house for a while.
I suppose I will get the baby swing put together soon, and maybe pack my hospital bag. I'll be 34 weeks on Monday, so it's all pretty early... BUT I like to be prepared. Maybe it's all those years I was a Girl Scout :)