Monday, May 5, 2008

Some Morning - August 23, 2007

Sometime before 6:30am (the alarm hadn't gone off yet), Leah threw up. Somehow I managed to catch it all on burp clothes, Leah, and myself, so none got on the bed (last time she threw up all over my bed). I put her in the crib to get her cleaned up, and she started to poop. I know how she is, so I started getting her cleaned up before she's done. One diaper won't hold it all anyway, so I got another one underneath her. I blame the fact that it was semi-dark, I wasn't fully awake, and I wasn't wearing my glasses or contacts as reasons that the diaper didn't get under her too well. So, she pooped on the changing pad. I got the pad folded under her with the poop on the inside so I could get her cleaned up... and, yes, she pooped on the sheet. I finally got it ALL cleaned up, laid her on my bed where she proceeded to fall into a deep slumber.
I started a load of laundry at that point, and wouldn't you know it there were four loads that needed to be done. I did manage to get a shower, eat breakfast, and start a lasagne for dinner before she woke up at about 8am. On a typical day, she'd sleep until 10am... but not today. In fact I couldn't even get her back to sleep until almost 10am...
Now, at least it wasn't as bad a morning as the one Amy had yesterday.