Friday, May 2, 2008

New Beds!! - May 28, 2007

The kids finally have "big kid" beds! While Pete was in England I had several bouts of intense nesting :) I put together my brother's old bed one day (without directions!). On Saturday we all went and bought the kids' mattresses. They were delivered today, and I was finally able to get everything together. Elijah's bed is a trundle, which is a good thing because their sleeping room is tiny! I was a bit shocked at the cost of the whole ordeal as well...
Bed frame - FREE hand-me-down
mattresses - 2 x $95 (the cheapest ones imaginable)
foam pads - 2 x $11.88
mattress pads (covers) - 2 x $11.88 (on clearance!!)
pillows - 2 x $4.99 (on sale!!)
Disney sheets - 2 x $20
Grand total for two big kid beds = $287.50