Sunday, May 4, 2008

Leah - July 20, 2007

Leah is adjusting to being outside the womb. She is either nursing, sleeping, or BOTH :) She spends about 18 hours a day nursing! She stays latched on practically all night, but I can sleep through that. She is much, MUCH happier now that I have milk. She was just so hungry right from the start. The first 24 hours was pretty tough, and there was a LOT of screaming.
Today, we ventured to Target to get her some clothes. She's much bigger than I expected, so I'd only bought a few "just born" sized gender neutral onesies and sleepers. Those are pretty tight on her already. I did save some gowns that Hannah wore that are a nice fit. So now she has some girly onesies and sleepers that she should be able to wear for a couple of weeks at least.
Soon we will get to Babies R Us to exchange the 3 packages of NB diapers for larger sizes. She was too big for the NB dipes at birth. Wow, Hannah wore those for 6 weeks, and Elijah went through at least 3-4 packages.