Sunday, April 20, 2008

Call me Martha - Entry for January 26, 2006

My friend, Barb, sent me a link for making Crazy Crayons off of the Martha Stewart website. Yesterday, Hannah and I got around to making them. They turned out pretty cool! Of course you are supposed to use your old crayons, and we didn't have any since wax objects were not allowed on the moving truck this summer. I bought box of 64 off-brand crayons for under a dollar and used those. Remember when getting a box of 64 crayons was a big deal?? Anyway, Hannah really enjoyed having an art project to do. She also used the last 1/2 bottle of glue making her own project... she glued a bunch (sandwich bag full) of macaroni noodles together and wrapped them in a piece of paper. She said it's a movie wrapped up (maybe like a videotape? I'm not sure). Almost 24 hours later, it's nearly dry :)