Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Boy Finally Eats! - Entry for February 27, 2006

Eli has been the king of coughing, gagging, and choking... So, his introduction to solid foods has been slow to say the least. I wanted to skip the whole pureed food stage, so the fact that he didn't want to be spoon fed was no big deal. Since Hannah easily ate Cheerios by the time she was seven months old, I expected the same from Eli. Well, his oral-motor skills just weren't quite that advanced. Maybe he just has a strong gag reflex...
Recently, he's been doing fair with Cheerios as long as you only put one on his tray at a time, and he's done okay with bits of banana. Tonight, I steamed some baby carrots, and mashed them with a fork. He ate the bits off my finger, and gagged until he got used to the taste/texture. Suddenly, he was INTERESTED. I ended up mixing it with some applesauce and mashed banana, and he ate the whole thing FROM A SPOON! Granted it was probably only a tablespoon or two of food, but it was certainly the most solid food he's consumed.