Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Interesting week - Entry for April 22, 2006

Tuesday 4/11 - Eli's "teething" crabbiness turns into full blown illness with a fever
Wednesday 4/12 - Eli is still sick with a fever. Hannah is unable to put any weight on her left leg, and we fear it is fractured. Hannah's school is having it's Easter egg hunt, so Ms Michelle offers to carry Hannah around for it if necessary. After some Motrin kicks in Hannah is able to limp around on her own.
Thursday 4/13 - Brooke's mom has rotator cuff surgery on her shoulder. Eli is still sick with a fever. Hannah is barely limping, so we decide NOT to take her for an x-ray. Pete's parents arrive for a week long visit.
Friday 4/14 - Eli is STILL sick with a fever so a trip to the doctor is in order before the holiday weekend starts. We all feel he must be getting better at this point, but he is getting dehydrated. Dr Blanke suggests if he gets any more dehydrated that we have him admitted to the hospital for fluids.
Saturday 4/15 - Eli is sick, and a Tylenol suppository didn't stay in so he has a high fever and is lethargic. Brooke decides to wait until the next dose kicks in before calling the doctor and having Eli admitted. After the next dose of Tylenol, Eli is back to his normal chipper self.
Sunday 4/16 - midnight - Eli is screaming and is inconsolable. Pete and Brooke freak out. Brooke talks to the doctor, and he suggests a trip to the ER for tests to rule out menigitis, pneumonia, etc. After four hours in the ER, Brooke and Eli come home. Eli had a test for RSV and a breathing treatment (the screaming stopped in the car and was probably due to gas). 7am - Hannah wants to see what the Easter Bunny brought.
Monday 4/17 - Eli seems to have fully recovered. The doctor thinks Hannah's leg problem may have been to a viral synovitis around her knee.
It was a crazy week, but everyone seems to have survived!