Friday, April 18, 2008

He's So Darn Cute! September 17, 2005

We had our first cool day today, so I broke out the long pants for the kids and myself. Eli wore pants and socks for the first time, and it made him look HUGE... I guess he just looked like an older baby like that.I got out Hannah's new jeans from Old Navy. They are the new kind with the adjustable waistband which seemed like such a great idea... well, they run a lot bigger than I expected! So, the 3T's from Old Navy will have to wait. However, the 3T's from Children's Place fit perfectly.I also dug out some sleepers for Eli... the 3-6 month size fits perfectly right now, so I was glad to find that I did have several in the 6-9 month size as well.