Friday, April 18, 2008

Hannah's Rhythmic Gymnastaics September 05, 2005

Here is Hannah's version of rhythmic gymnastics [not recommended for those on dial-up]You may have seen rhythmic gymnastics during the Olympics. I've always found it enjoyable to watch, not like a "real" sport. Apparently Hannah's event is the hoop.As I watched Hannah dancing last night, I realized that I could not imagine sending this artistic, free spirit to a traditional school. She needs so many outlets for her creativity (painting, drawing, dancing, dramatics, etc) that she would be stifled in a regular school. I'm hoping to send her to a Montessori school next year (hoping to afford it!!), so her learning can be more self initiated. On a completely unrelated note... The University of Evansville holds classes on Labor Day! I've never heard of such a thing... On Labor Day, students (and faculty) are supposed to be lounging around and going to picnics, not going to clas. *sigh* what is this world coming to??