Friday, April 18, 2008

Gas Prices and My Big Bald Baby, September 01, 2005

I've gotta say that I never *really* believed that I'd see gas prices go above $3 a gallon. Heck, I think it should still be right around .99 cents! I had a really hard time when it was in the $2 range since I just couldn't fathom it being so expensive... I was forever saying "I saw gas for $1.19" when I meant it was $2.19. Here in Evansville, IN, gas is going for $3.29 today, yesterday we felt like we were being robbed when we filled our tank up at $2.89... I imagine it's only going to get worse. I bet a lot of people are wishing they'd bought that Toyota Prius right now!! Hmmm, right now, I'm glad we only own one vehicle!My Big Bald Baby... that's my new name for Eli. The poor kid has spent too much time in the carseat this morning. We took Pete to work, then we went to the library, back home for 30 min, back to pick Pete up for lunch, take Pete back, then finally home for a while. It looks like Eli is going to be a "blankie" baby. He has started cuddling with his pucky rags (aka burp cloths) in his sleep :)It's a good thing that Grandma Laura sprang for that pricey Britax carseat since Eli may outgrow his infant carseat in the next few months. The Britax is one of the few that can be used rearfacing with kids over 20 pounds... Now the question remains "will it fit in our car rearfacing??" since they take up significantly more room that way.Eli's working on rolling over from back to front (he rolled front to back when he was 7 weeks old). He can easily get onto his side, so it's probably just a matter of time! Pete changed Eli's diaper for the first time this morning (whoo hoo!). Silly me, I was waiting for him to offer to do it, this morning I just asked him to change it.