Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pics and a movie

Here's Leah taking a few tenative steps. She surprised me this morning by taking four wobbly steps in the kitchen while holding a cookie. Way to multi-task!! These are the first steps we've seen since I announced her first steps a couple of weeks ago. She's doing her best to meet her 15 month deadline (when the other two started walking... I don't count it until they can take more than a few steps without falling).

Leah is modeling the hat I made for Elijah. He picked out the yarn from my stash, and watched me make it (on the knitting loom, so it was pretty quick). He wore it for one second before screaming, "IT'S HOT!!!" and throwing it to the ground. Leah, on the other hand adores it!

Peek a boo!

Elijah requested that I take this picture. He was racing around the house on the push bike while wearing his helmet and "goggles"


Emily said...

She is just too cute! That's so exciting that she is walking! :) Hope you are doing great! Have a beautiful rest of the night!