Monday, September 15, 2008

We've been Ike-ed!!

Hurricane Ike (tropical storm, I suppose) blew through Indiana yesterday morning. We had 70 mph winds, but NO rain!! We lost our power at 10:30 am Sunday morning, and it has yet to be restored. Our power company has 2 million customers without power. The best news? They sent all of their extra people down to Houston to help TX recover from Ike... We should have electricity by Thursday, but I sure hope it's sooner! Last night Pete and I cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer which was depressing. We sent each kid to bed with a flashlight because they are scared of the dark. It was an interesting night to say the least.

Thankfully the kids' school has power, so at least they don't have to sit around a dark house with me today.

Hannah's dying to play her Webkinz at Pete's office, so that's all for now