Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another First

This is the note I got from school today. In fact it was handed to me by the administrator (think principal) as she brought a screaming Elijah out to my car. *Sigh* Is this what having a boy in school means? I've never had a note sent home before...

9/12/08 - update
I talked to Elijah's teacher this morning, and the note makes the situation sound much worse than it was (thank goodness). Miss Sarah isn't exactly sure what happend, but it is quite likely that Elijah accidentally hit Mrs. Bunner with his rug (rolled up fabric mat). However, his emotions escalated quickly, and it was the end of his school day so she wasn't able to fully deal with it at the time.


Knotty Britta said...

Remember back in the day when punishments were harsher than writing a note?!!!

Taiten is in preschool and I haven't gotten a note yet, haha (crossing fingers). I don't think I will, he is usually soooo mellow.