Friday, September 12, 2008

And Now He's Sick

On Tuesday night and all day Wednesday, I had a nasty little 24 hour stomach virus. I went from feeling fine (and spending the afternoon with a friend who I probably infected) to thinking I was hungry at 8pm and eating a PB&J to feeling nauseated to eventually being sick sometime during the night. My joints ached and my head hurt and I could barely get out of bed all day Wednesday... not a good thing for a mom of three!! Pete managed to transport Hannah and Elijah to and from school (drop off at 8:30, pick-ups at 11:45 and 2:45) and get dinner for them (they enjoyed Sonic while I said "no thank you" to anything but crackers and Sprite).

I've been cautiously watching the kids for signs of impending illness, but things have seemed mostly normal. Elijah has been sleeping poorly, and I've kept the bed ready for middle of the night clean-ups. Elijah's outburst at school yesterday made me wonder, but he really seemed to be fine and had no complaints even when asked specifically "How does your tummy/head/nose/etc feel?" Well, he did complain about his nose since he is suffering from seasonal allergies right now.

But today at 10:15 the call came. "Elijah has a fever of 101 and says his tummy hurts, please come pick him up from school". Sure enough, he is one sick little guy! After a nap and some watered down apple juice he seems a tiny bit better. He still feverish and laying on the couch, but he has his sense of humor back!

Oooh, he just went from feeling cold to hot, and I think his fever might even be breaking! He's actually up, off the couch and eating a cracker. Woo hoo!! Hurray for minor miracles!!!!!