Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We Have Electricity!

After 40 hours of no electricity the power came back on around 12:30am, but we didn't realize it for about three hours since we were fast asleep. I woke up and happily noted that the light was on in the toy room, then I went down stairs and turned off all the lights and looked at the one battery powered clock to see what time it really was.

Here are a few pictures we took during our adventure.

Some slats on our fence blew down (the fence was already falling down before the storm).

This is our neighbors' tree.

A large branch and more fence slats

Another fair sized branch in the front.

We really faired quite well. There were several houses on our street with MAJOR limbs and sections of trees down, though I didn't see any structural damage to any houses which is pretty amazing.

Here are Elijah and Hannah working on scrapbooks in the dark

Leah found a pacifier in with some toys, and she decided she needed to start using it (she never did before!)

Elijah and Leah in the dark.

Hannah did not start out sleeping by Elijah, but this is how we found them when we went to bed. Hannah is quite afraid of the dark, so I'm glad she found someone to snuggle with.

Here they are captivated by the TV this morning. They were VERY happy to have the electricity back on!!!

Here's Leah watching the TV as well.


Lori Beth said...

Glad you all survived with little damage. I know how much it sucks to have no power, but 40 hrs is alot better than it could have been!